Named after my passion and drive to help my community thrive,
Passion PR, LLC was founded to assist small businesses with their online presence.

In addition to creating and monitoring the social media content for these businesses, 
I have volunteered to promote and establish media kits for charity events, fundraisers, grand openings and more!

Through years of experience with small business startups, 
I learned how crucial space on the supermarket shelf is as well as the effort it takes to grow a food delivery app.
I understand what it takes to help struggling brands increase consumer intrigue and spending. 


 By creating engaging content that is not only informative but also unique and consistent, 
being dedicated to monitoring social media, and lastly, finding innovative ways to promote
 the brand using both digital and traditional media.

Do not let your business end up with a mediocre social media because you are too busy. 
Let's get people talking about your business!

Improve your online presence by contacting me today.

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